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The First Day-Thursday, July 13

The first day of the rest of my hike. It's good to be hiking again. Even if it's not the thru-hike I envisioned. I'm on the CDT and will get to enjoy some spectacular wilderness in Wyoming, Colorado, and northern New Mexico. I've already met two thru-hikers headed north and one section hiker also heading south. I met the section hiker, "Styles," early in the morning; he was camped near the trail and still packing up. I was hoping he would catch me at lunch time, dinner, or when I camped, but so far I haven't seen him again.

Today was warm, high 80's and water was scarce, challenging to get, and not very tasty. Most of the water sources were shallow livestock ponds, and the challenge in retrieving water was getting to it without getting stuck in the mud on the shore of the pond. One pond in particular had mud that seemed like quicksand. I eventually gave up and hiked. Most of the water has a salty and slightly rotten egg taste that gets better with filtering and can be masked with a powdered drink mix. I'm sure it will get better as I get closer to Colorado.

I hiked 26 miles today which is 8 more than I planned but with limited water and no shade, it seemed like walking was the only option. I hope to do closer to 20 tomorrow and maybe find some shade in the afternoon from the sun. From looking at my maps, it looks like water sources will improve and start to be more plentiful after tomorrow.

I found a nice place to camp, and am enjoying the quiet and solitude as I write and get ready for bed. It's going to be a relatively warm night so I didn't put on the rain fly so I can see the moon and stars. I will have a perfect view of the sunrise tomorrow right from my tent.


  1. I won't pretend to understand your delight in hiking through rough terrain with all its risks, but I sure do enjoy your posts about parts of our beautiful country that I am likely to never see in my lifetime

  2. Back in the saddle again. less the saddle. LOL Godspeed

  3. Sounds more rugged where you are. Hike on


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