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Denver, Colorado

I've arrived in Denver on my way to Rawlins, Wyoming. It's HOT and it feels even hotter than it is. Could it be the humidity? Tomorrow morning I take a Greyhound bus to Rawlins, Wyoming where I'll retrieve my supply package (food and items that I couldn't carry on the plane), re-pack my backpack, and begin walking south for 1,090 miles!
My final destination is Grants, New Mexico. I've been there twice; once in 2016 and again this year as I attempted to thru-hike the CDT again. Last year I hitched a ride into Grants after injuring my right ankle. This year I successfully hiked into and out of Grants, but two days later my left shin was stiff, swollen and very painful, so I again hitched back into town.
After taking over a month to heal, my goal now is to hike back to Grants and NEVER visit there again, lol. If I'm successful, I will have completed approximately half of the Continental Divide Trail. We'll have to see if there's an opportunity in the future for me to do the northern half of the trail.
I'm expecting most of the snow in Colorado will be gone, but I am also expecting thunderstorms on a daily basis. That means I'll need to be strategic about when I'm above timberline, hiking over mountain passes, and where I camp. I'll also have to work harder to keep my gear dry which can be challenging if it rains every day. There was also a recent story in the news about a camp counselor being attacked by a black bear in Colorado.

Things are about to get exciting!


  1. I find there is truth in the saying "the trip home always seems shorter"! Good plan Pastor Loren. Godspeed once again. Prayers for a safe and enjoyable journey.

  2. Happy Trails ~ enjoying your hike vicariously!

  3. Best of luck Pastor Loren! Love following your adventure. Blessings.

  4. Praying that the bears stay far away! Have fun and hurry home to Eva. She missed you!

  5. You've got this, enjoy your journey wherever it may lead!!


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