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Back In The Saddle doctor is pleased with the healing process and I was released to begin hiking SLOWLY again. I've been doing some short day hikes and Eva and I are enjoying some time together in Mammoth Lakes where there are plenty of hiking trails, some still covered in snow!

I have made plans to return to the CDT and begin hiking on Thursday, July 13. There is not enough time left in this hiking season to complete the CDT so I've decided to adjust my itinerary and hopefully enjoy two more months of hiking. On Tuesday, July 11, I will fly to Denver, Colorado. The following day, I'll take a Greyhound bus to Rawlins, Wyoming. I plan to hike 1,090 miles south; back to Grants, New Mexico, where I left the trail on June 1st. If I am successful, I will have completed over 1,500 miles of the CDT and completed a portion of Wyoming and all of Colorado and New Mexico. Most of the snow should be melted in Colorado and except for thunder storms that are typical this time of year, I should have a great time!

The CDT has humbled me...twice, taught me patience, and reminded me why I love hiking. Stay tuned for blog posts from the trail as I resume hiking in 10 days!


  1. Yay! So glad you're back on the hike soon.
    Happy Trails to you Loren!

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Enjoy Mammoth, sorry to miss you...Ouzel and I have been there over the 4th last two years but didn't make it down this year.


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