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What Do I Eat?

     I burned out on tuna in 2014 on the PCT. I remember calling Eva and begging her not to send me any more tuna! I'm trying it again occasionally for lunch. I call it "trail sushi" and eat it with mayonnaise and cheese crackers. So far, so good.
     Above is a four day resupply. The top row is dinners, the second row is breakfasts, the third row is lunches, and the last row is snacks. It's making me hungry just writing about it! In addition to my "healthy" trail eating habits, I also take a multi-vitamin. When I reach a town, I try to make up for what is missing from my diet...soda and ice cream!


  1. I agree! soda and ice cream really hit the spot after a long hike.

  2. That is quite a menu. I know my mouth is watering 😜. When you are walking 20 miles a day you can eat whatever you are willing to carry. So the rumor is true you can walk and chew at the same time. Be blessed be safe and hike on.


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