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Grants, New Mexico-Monday, May 29

     Fat Albert and I camped about 6 miles outside of Grants, New Mexico along the historic highway 66. It rained briefly, but I was already in my tent so it wasn't a problem at all. We got up early enough to hike into town, drop our backpacks at the motel, and walk across the street for a huge breakfast at Denny's! It was a nice reward for a 35 mile road walk and hiking a total of 408 miles on the CDT! I hiked so far on the highway, I received an honorary New Mexico licence plate.
     I chose the motel I would be staying at in advance and Eva mailed my resupply box directly to the motel. It was nice not having to walk 3 miles to the post office. I'm planning a "zero day" (no hiking) on Tuesday, so I'll get plenty of rest and extra calories before beginning the hike to Cuba, NM, 107 miles north. On the way I'll climb Mount Taylor (11,301 feet), the highest point on the CDT in New Mexico. Did I mention I've walked 408 miles on the CDT? Yes!


  1. Yes, I'm following along! I love all of your pictures and reading about your experiences. Hike on . . . . .

  2. Fantastic!! What a difference a year makes.


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