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An Update Is In Order

I visited my doctor this week. The nurse asked me, "how far did you get this time?" as she weighed me and showed me to the examination room. I'm not sure there was an office pool on how far I would get before getting injured, but I'm not betting against it. The diagnosis is tendinitis and the doctor scheduled a followup visit visit for June 22. Right now I'm on couch arrest: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. I'm catching up on some shows on our DVR, listening to sermon podcasts, sorting through a month's worth of mail, replying to emails, and lets not forget Facebook!

For the record, I hiked 440 miles before getting injured and leaving the CDT. That's approximately 84 miles more than last year or a 19% improvement. At this rate, it will only take me 11 more years before I can thru-hike to Canada without an injury, lol! Clearly I'm being a bit sarcastic. After a second attempt at a thru-hike, I'll be content with being a multi-year section hiker. I plan to return to the trail this year and complete as much as possible before winter. I can finish the trail next year. I'm already considering my options...

Thanks for following along as I sit on the couch, eat popcorn and watch's quite the adventure! 


  1. Carol Fayad
    Glad your safe and at home.....

  2. Hope you got some positive news at your follow up appointment.


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