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Where's Loren- by Eva Mauch

     Did you know that you can follow Loren on his "Link" page under the "Postholer Map" button? Here is a screenshot showing just how far Loren has walked so far. My first visit with him will be on the trail just west of Albuquerque, NM. We will be staying in Albuquerque for the weekend, giving his feet and legs the much needed rest they will need. He's getting closer every day!


  1. Very nice your in our prayers. Stay safe and hike on.

  2. I love following along on a map. One can be so much more involved in the trip that way. We had a US map on the wall and I would mark off Gerry's travels back and forth across the country. He would be gone six weeks at a time so it helped me be a part of his life and looked forward to his next stop each day. It made the country seem so much more smaller and familiar.

  3. Eva, you've probably thought of it but bring some epsom salt so good for soaking not only feet and legs but the whole body. Ouzel and I used that in as many towns stops as possible when doing the PCT.


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