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What Is The CDT Like?

I hope to answer that question for myself over the next five months as I hike the CDT and share the experience with you, but for those of you who would like a preview, check out this short video.

John Zahorian thru-hiked the CDT in 2015. Here is his summary:

2800 miles on the Continental Divide Trail // May 2-August 16, 2015
This trail was the hardest thing I have ever done. 300% snow-pack in Colorado, 
regular storms while hiking above treeline, high miles through difficult terrain, 
daily navigation challenges and tread less travel. It was great!

I look forward to the challenge with a renewed determination and some wisdom from my 2016 attempt. Thanks for following along as I hike the Continental Divide Trail.


  1. Looking forward to following your adventure!! May health and strength be your portion.

    1. Thanks! I'm feeling much more prepared this year. Also ready to "go with the flow" as my plans need to adjust!


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