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Welcome To My World-May 8 and 9

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.
-Frank A. Clark

    My pilgrimage began at 9:27 am on May 8, 2017, as I took my first steps on the CDT. It was overcast, warm, with a strong breeze. Before the day was over, I would hike 18 miles and camp alone with three hikers ahead of me and one behind.
    I arrived at the border of Mexico with four other hikers who also took the shuttle provided by the CDTC. As expected it was a slow bumpy ride over old unmaintained dirt roads in the desert. The road was often washed out causing the drive to slow to a crawl. The hikers who met only minutes before the drive exchanged pleasantries, but as the drive continued, became silent and somber as we individually considered the overwhelming task ahead of us.
    It rained sporadically throughout the day which continued for three days. Day four was clear with a high of 76 as I completed the 85 miles from the border to Lordsburg. I rested and resupplied there for the next section of trail to Silver City, New Mexico. I hiked the first section faster than I had planned. I forgot how much access to water, weather (heat, rain and wind), and landscape dictate camping options. (In New Mexico, finding camping without fresh cow poop is also desirable.)
    Day one ended with me losing one of the rubber tips on my earbuds as I setup camp. It flipped off and became the proverbial needle in a haystack. Next time I'm buying earbuds with pink tips. Mine are gray and blend in with the desert gravel. It's probably a blessing I could only listen with one ear, because the next morning I saw a rattlesnake crossing the trail.
    On day two, I hiked from "post to post" as seen in the picture above. Very little actual trail and plenty of thorny bushes and washed out gullies to navigate around and through. It was as I descended into one of those gullies that I was reminded that gravity is both friend and foe. I took a tumble which resulted in some minor cuts, bruises, and a broken hiking pole. After assessing the damage (Where is that blood coming from?) and assuaging my bruised ego with a pop tart, I continued hiking and completed a 21 mile day. I met one other hiker, Roman from France, and a border patrol agent driving a very high tech quad runner. It began raining in the evening and I was pleased with how well my tent handled the wind and rain which continued well into the early morning hours.
    Overall, it's good to be hiking again and my mind and body seem to be adjusting to life on the trail. The CDT is not mindless walking but still allows time to listen, reflect, and breath. I've had enough cell service to communicate with Eva and know she is doing ok in my absence. Stay tuned for more updates from the trail. If you have specific questions, please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them.
    BTW...Eva mailed me new ear buds and a replacement hiking pole to the next resupply town: Silver City, New Mexico. Thanks Eva!!!

Keep calm and hike on!


  1. It's wonderful to read about the journey from the comfort of home without the snakes! Stay safe and enjoy!

  2. Remain stable and upright. Enjoying the updates. Your in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. Sounds like a solid start...the imperfections (lost items, tumbles, broken things) make it an adventure!


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