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Water Cache

     There was an especially long section of trail (20+ miles) without water between Lordsburg and Silver City. A "trail angel" stashed water near the trail for CDT hikers to use so we didn't have to carry as much. (Water is heavy!) I took the picture above of her beautiful water cache. She also left a cooler of soda, beer, juice, bread, and grape jelly along with a huge jar of peanut butter. It was awesome!
     How did I know the water and snacks were there? I'm so glad you asked. There is a CDT Facebook page specifically for 2017 hikers to communicate with other hikers, CDT staff, trail angels, and others regarding fires, (there are two fires in New Mexico right now that are impacting the trail) water sources, snow conditions, rides to and from towns, lost/found items, lodging and other information that help hikers navigate the trail. You seldom see a thru-hiker today who doesn't have a smart phone with several hiking apps. I will highlight a few of my favorites in the coming months. Now if I could only get my calculator to work...


  1. Thank the Lord for trail angels!

  2. It's the little things! Be safe!

  3. Angels are GOOOOOD‼️
    Hike on and listen to the Angel❤️🙏🏻

  4. I think it would be so cool to be a trail angel! A terrific way to use the gift of hospitality! Wish we lived near a historic trail. You "through hikers" are rather vulnerable.

  5. Trail angels make all the difference. Good to know what is coming but the unexpected ones are the BEST!


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