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Trail Magic-Wednesday, May 17

     When In doubt, add bacon! Trail wisdom by ButterFingers

     This is my second experience of trail magic on the CDT! I met "Crazy Joe" (in the chair on the left) 6 miles before the Gila River, where the trail intersects an old rough dirt road still used occasionally by ranchers grazing cattle. He had been parked there for a few days to meet thru-hikers and provide drinks, food and encouragement.
     The person in the chair on the right is "Driver" and his wife "Pit Stop" is taking the picture. They are CDT hikers and I've crossed paths with this couple a few times on trail. They are from Mississippi and have already hiked the AT and PCT. They seem to be loving the trail.
     Today's hike included a serious climb on a warm afternoon and the trail magic by Crazy Joe was a surprise and much appreciated. He had water, soda, beer, and an assortment of foods. He was cooking dinner when I arrived: potatoes, sweet corn, cheese and BACON all mixed together like a stew. He offered me a chair and served me a big bowl! It was nice to sit, eat, hydrate and relax before continuing down the trail for a few more miles. Thanks Crazy Joe for your hospitality!


  1. A wonder what the trail does to our level of appreciation. So nice just to have a chair!! If only we can grab on to this attitude: keep it, nurture it, help it increase no matter the little or much. Thanks for the reminder...I will fan the flame.

  2. Crazy Joe, Driver, Pit Stop, and Butterfingers. It looks like one must have a nickname in order to be a long distance hiker.


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