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The Way Is Made By Walking

The theme for this year's thru-hike is: "the way is made by walking." This quote was written by Antonio Machado, a Spanish poet, and is the title of a book by Arthur Paul Boers about his month long hike of the the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Here is a short video of the Camino that I really enjoy. Go know you want to press play...

Boers is an ordained minister in the Mennonite Church and an associate professor of pastoral theology at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. In his book "The Way Is Made By Walking" he shares about his thru-hike of the Camino with distinctly Christian perspective. He describes his hike as a pilgrimage and shares what he learned as he hiked five hundred miles.

In 2014, when I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, I considered my hike a sabbatical. This year, as I hike the Continental Divide Trail, it will be a pilgrimage. On my journey, I will focus on knowing Christ and growing in my understanding of His Word. Hearing the Gospel has become my greatest joy and creates in me a desire to love God and my neighbor. I hike this year with the goal of allowing the solitude, silence, and space of the trail be an opportunity for me to hear more clearly God's Word and allow it to transform my life.

The Bible abounds in references to the desert and wilderness.

Encounters with God, both directly and through prophetic voices,
took place in scenes of desolation. -Yi-Fu Tuan

I have downloaded hundreds of hours of sermons, Bible studies, and theological podcasts to listen to as I hike. I have an audio version of the Bible and a five month listening plan. Reading (using Kindle on my phone), will be limited to conserve battery life, but I've got some good books to enjoy. I hope to share some of what I am learning as I hike on my blog. A pilgrimage isn't just about the journey, but also includes a destination. Besides reaching the Northern terminus of the CDT, I have a location in mind that I hope to visit as the conclusion of my hike. More about that later. For now I will be content to walk, listen, reflect, pray, and allow God to use the trail for this pilgrim's progress.