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The Road More Traveled-Friday, May 26

"Walking is a mobile form of waiting." Thomas Clark

Today around noon I road walked out of Pie Town on my way to Grants, NM. The four day 85 mile route ahead is 10% trail, 40% pavement, 50% dirt road, and ZERO pie. It's a sad thing indeed. Today was all dirt roads and some of the cars flew by at freeway speeds, creating an enormous dust cloud in their wake.

But on the positive side, I have a hiking partner for a few days. Fat Albert and I are hiking into Grants together. Having someone to hike and camp with is a great distraction from the monotony of road walking and the uninspiring and possibly illegal roadside camping (The barbed wire fences are there to keep livestock in, not hikers out...right?) I feel safer having someone to camp with while in this section. It's funny that I feel safer in the wilderness than I do the closer we get to civilization.

We don't always hike lockstep together. I tend to get out of camp a little earlier and enjoy the cool morning hike listening to sermon podcasts. Sometime around lunch he catches me, and in the afternoon we walk together or agree on a location to meet later in the afternoon. We usually walk the final hours of the day together, choose a campsite, enjoy dinner and then around 8:30 pm, I'll crawl into my tent for the night. I'll spend the next 30 to 45 minutes writing and editing photos until sleep overtakes me. On the CDT we don't count sheep, we count...


  1. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up! I'd be interested in the context of the opening quote, as I disagree. Hike on!

    1. Hi Alisa! Thanks for following along and for commenting! The context is a poem by Thomas Clark entitled "In Praise of Walking." The poem is written like Proverbs in the Bible; short statements that are meant to stand alone, so the poem doesn’t provide much context. I interpreted the quote in the context of being on a pilgrimage. I thought of Abraham; God gave him a promise and said Go! For Abraham, waiting for God to fulfill His promise to give him a son seems more about waiting in the sense of trust rather than inactivity. As a pilgrim, I move forward on my journey trusting God to work through the experience to accomplish something in my life that only He can do. Right now, I am waiting in the other since. My doctor says two-three weeks of inactivate until my tendonitis heals. Hope this helps!


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