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Thank You Eva!

“If I could not walk far and fast, I think I should just explode and perish.” -Charles Dickens

I can't begin to explain why my wife puts up with me. Me and my crazy ideas like hiking for five months, thousands of miles from home, in remote mountains, alone, often without the ability to communicate...who thinks this is normal? I thought I had won the lottery in 2014, when she allowed me to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to hike the Continental Divide Trail this year after a failed attempt in 2016. We have made a pact this year that she is not letting me come home until I finish! No whining will be tolerated!

I am grateful we have found a church home and we will have even more friends that will be a encouragement and support for her while I am gone and hopefully follow my blog as I hike.

Thank you Eva! I love you and am praying my experience on the trail makes me a better husband.




  1. My sentiments exactly! I'm blessed with a saint for a wife too! Imagine letting us go off on adventures that span a continent, and coming back still married! The hardest thing about thru hiking for me has always been missing Katie. Have a wonderful hike Loren and good on ya Eva!


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