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So Glad You Asked

      Not all who wander are lost - Tolkien

     So you went to the links page on my website, and clicked on the link: "Postholer Map" and discovered a beautiful map of the entire trail with small hiker icons showing my progress. (Thank you Eva for pointing out this amazing feature on the website!) You also noticed that one of the icons is not on the "official trail." Don't worry, I am not wondering around in the wilderness...well I guess I am, but you know what I mean.
     The CDT has many alternate routes and my route between Silver City and Pie Town in New Mexico included a popular alternate along the Gila River and Cliff Dwellings. This will happen a few more times along the trail for various reasons, including snow, weather conditions, fires, and time constraints. Thanks for following along and for all the wonderful comments.


  1. So awesome, thanks for sharing your journey!!

  2. I like the picture of the "7". Number of perfection or of completion! This is your year to complete. Health and strength to your mind, body and spirit.


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