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Pilgrim's Detour

     “As I make my slow pilgrimage through the world, a certain sense of beautiful mystery seems to gather and grow.” Arthur Christopher Benson
     On my hike out of Silver City, I visited a Benedictine Monastery approximately ten miles outside of town and less than a mile from the CDT. I have a curiosity about the Benedictine order because of a sermon podcast I listen to: an Anglican Church in Canada named St. Benedict's Table. I was interested in visiting the monastery and I inquired in advance about the possibility of a visit and received a positive response. Brother Lawrence met me when I arrived, gave me a tour, invited me to attend services, eat meals with the monks and spend the night. He was very gracious in giving his time and answering my questions. It was a wonderful visit and I would enjoy returning for an extended retreat.
     You'll find more pictures on my Flickr Page. The majority of the construction was done by the monks. In addition to their daily work of prayer, they build, grow their own food, raise livestock, and live very simple but full lives. The services were in Latin, but for most they had an English translation for me to follow along. The forty monks and priests chanting the psalms in Latin was very beautiful. After breakfast, they offered me a ride back to the trail. Next stop is Doc Campbell's near the Gila River.


  1. Wow! That picture you took of the cross is incredible! Such a beautiful image representing all that this pilgrimage is for you. Hike on, Pilgrim.

  2. Beautiful pic of the Cross - Denise Hughes - P.S. love reading your blogs.

  3. Ditto to the comments above, great shot of the cross. What a wonderful "side-trip" to incorporate in your pilgrimage.


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