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    Introducing Roman from France. This is his second time to the United States, first thru-hike, and one of five hikers to start the CDT on May 8th. We met getting off the Greyhound bus to Lordsburg. I introduced myself as we walked to the motel. He was surprised I was a hiker. As you can see in the picture, he is young, handsome, and has all his gear and more. I, on the other hand, am older, wiser, and have a Walmart shopping bag! Ultralight hiking at its best! Actually, I mailed all my gear, including my backpack, directly to Lordsburg, New Mexico, where I caught the shuttle to the border. It saved me checking luggage for the flight and bus and made it much simpler to travel.
He passed me the first day hiking and I saw him again on day two, around noon, resting at a water source. I expected to see him again in the evening at the next good water source, but I never saw him. Maybe he's ahead of me, but I don't think so.
    I've been back in Lordsburg to rest and resupply and haven't seen him yet. Hopefully he's ok and enjoying the trail. He's a faster hiker than me, but he seems to take more and longer breaks. I like to settle in to a slower pace and just plod all day.
    Good luck Roman and enjoy the trail! Viva la CDT!

Roman update: He arrived Friday afternoon. He looks tired, sunburned, but ok! We plan to have dinner together.
Keep calm and hike on!


  1. You two look like you could be brothers - you the older, wiser brother. Happy trails to you and to Roman. Denise Hughes

  2. Looks like you found a hiking buddy. Just don't let him push you too hard. Be safe and hike on!


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