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Let There Be Water-Thursday, May 18

     Yesterday I hopped across the first natural water, a small creek, in 10 days of hiking. Today I spent the entire day hiking in the Gila River from Sapillo Creek to NM Hwy 15. It's about 15 miles of river crossings with short sections of trail on one side or the other. The trail is in poor condition because of a recent flood. Much of the time it was impossible to find a trail, so it's simply a march upstream by the path of least resistance. Sometimes that meant simply walking in the water. It was slow going and probably one of the hardest days of the trip so far, even though it was interesting and beautiful with all the water vegetation and wildlife. The river was moving swiftly and a few crossings were just over waist deep, but most were knee to mid thigh.
     During the day, I disturbed a turkey who became quite aggressive. After a few moments I realized she was protecting two baby chicks. (Is that what you call baby turkeys?) After I figured out where the chicks were, and backed away, she allowed me to pass. A national poultry crisis averted!


  1. The view from your front porch is beautiful, but where do you plug in the coffee pot? LOL
    Keep on hikin'.

  2. I just looked it up. A baby turkey is often call a "chick" by common folk, but they are technically called a "poult". Now we know. Your lack of knowledge of the turkey might have created such anger in this mamma turkey��. Hike on my man!!

  3. Are the water levels higher this year? What about the expected snow? I know here in California the snow and water levels are higher then they have been in years and with the spring runoff could make for some very challenging crossings.

    1. The water level in the Gila was a little higher than last year. There's a lot of snow in Colorado. I plan to take an alternate route and skip the high snow in the San Juan mountains.


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