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It Feels Like Cheating-Tuesday, May 23

     Eva and I have plans to meet in June in northern New Mexico. She'll fly into Albuquerque and drive out to Cuba and pick me up. We'll have a couple of glorious days together and then she'll drive me back to Cuba where I'll continue hiking north. After checking my itinerary and realizing I'm ahead of schedule, I decided to take a short detour to Reserve, New Mexico, population 300! I reached NM Hwy 12 early this morning and hitched a ride 30 miles west. I quickly found the one motel and began the process of showering, laundry, and gear cleanup. By lunchtime, my chores were done, and it was time to find some FOOD! Oh how sweet it is!
     By the way, the hostess at the restaurant said "you don't look like a thru-hiker." Either she was just being kind, or I am the best dressed thru-hiker on the CDT in 2017. Only time will tell.
     As I finish this blog post and a few others, I'm lounging on a queen size bed with my legs propped up on a pillow watching the news, sipping lemonade and day dreaming about Mexican food for dinner. I'll have a huge breakfast burrito in the morning and then get a ride back to the trail at NM Hwy 12. Pie Town, here I come! Below is the weather report for the next few days...sweet!