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I'll Take The High Route-May 19 & 20

I love to hike
It makes me smile
I think I'll hike another mile
     On the morning of the 19th, I picked up my resupply box at Doc Campbell's Post, packed for six days to Pie Town and socialized with a few other hikers before leaving. Below is a picture of me and "Hotshot" at Docs. We both started hiking the CDT on May 8 and have seen each other a few times along the way. He's an interesting person, has done lots of long hikes, and is enjoying the CDT.
     I also took an opportunity to enjoy some homemade ice cream from Doc Campbell's Store, along with cookies and soda. This is what hiking is all about!
     After spending the previous day wading back and forth across the Gila River and searching for the trail that was mostly washed away by a recent flood, I decided to skip the upper section of the Gila River (twice as long with over one hundred crossings) and take a high route on the canyon rim. My trail was dry, so I had to carry lots of water, but I had dry feet and I made reasonably good time getting to Snow Lake which is the end of the Gila River section on the CDT.
     Along the way I met the Petersons (pictured above) who live in New Mexico and were out for a one week pack trip with their horses. I spent the evening of the 19th camped with them at Pryor Creek. They made a campfire, and there was good conversation well into the evening. It was a very cold night and my water was partially frozen in the morning. I heard some commotion during the night and in the morning I found out they were too cold to sleep, so they got up, made Mac & Cheese and sat around the fire. Before I left in the morning I prayed for them and their two adult sons. They have a friend in Pie Town, which is my next planned resupply stop. I hope to meet Nita and say "Hi" from the Petersons!
     The 20th was a beautiful day and I had good trail and forest roads to follow all day. Above is a picture of an abandoned vehicle I encountered on the way to Snow Lake. It looks like it's been there for a few years. Once I reached the lake, I quickly set up camp and ate dinner at a picnic table like a civilized person! There was running water, vault toilets and trashcans, but very few campers. I turned in early, wrote and read for a few minutes and enjoyed a good night's sleep.


  1. I think we need to up the calories in your resupply boxes. You are looking pretty skinny. More cinnamon rolls, pop tarts, cookies, brownies and a bunch of candy. High calorie, high fat, high salt, low weight. It's definitely not my normal shopping list.

    1. Sounds like you've got the shopping list dialed in!

    2. Yes, more goodies do look in order. I thought he looked thinner than he did in the starting pictures, but just as happy and excited!


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