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Gone With The Wind-May 10 and 11

"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great." 
-A League of their Own (1992)

    Day three on trail can be summarized in one word: WIND! It blew all day. It was also overcast so when the sun dipped behind the clouds, it was cold as well! I hiked further and longer than I planned in order to find a campsite out of the wind. I ate dinner in a deep dry creek bed and setup my tent behind a dense bush that helped to minimize the effects of the wind.
    With the extra miles on day three, I was only 23 miles from Lordsburg, a hot meal, and a bed! I got up a bit earlier on Thursday the 11th and decided to hike all the way to Lordsburg. The wind eased up, the sky was clear, and it was the warmest day so far. With most of my food gone, and water relatively plentiful, my pack was light and the 23 miles were not a problem. I shared a room with another hiker and enjoyed a shower and my first meal in four days- this time eating without sitting on the ground.
    There are no natural water sources in this section of the trail. For 84 miles I am drinking water that was cached by the CDTC specifically for hikers, or troughs and tanks used by ranchers for their cattle. Here are some examples.
    Yes, the third one looks nasty, but with a filter it tastes like the finest bottled water! And when it doesn't, there is always powdered fruit punch to add flavor.
    I rested, resupplied, and wrote some blog posts, (including this one) on Friday. I plan to leave Lordsburg, New Mexico, at 5 AM on Saturday morning to get in 15 miles before lunch. The weather is expected to be much hotter (low 90s) and the first 15 miles of the trail have no shade and no water. I'll nap in the afternoon and hike a few miles in the evening until I reach water at mile 18. The next day is expected to be both hot and windy again!
    There are more pictures on Flickr. Check my links page for the direct link to my CDT Flickr album. Keep calm and hike on!


  1. Keep strong! Enjoying your blog.

  2. Enjoying your blogs and your pics.
    Denise Hughes

  3. Wow, fantastic journaling ~ thanks for sharing!


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