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Desert Beauty

I'm averaging over 20 miles per day, but that hasn't kept me from stopping to smell the roses, or at least take pictures of some beautiful desert plants. (To be truthful, the most common smell in the Bootheel of New Mexico is...cow poop!)

It is surprising how many different plants thrive in this high desert landscape. (Maybe it is all the bovine fertilizer.) I have no botany knowledge, so I need help! Anyone who would like to share their botany skills, please comment below with plant info! You can also comment on individual (and additional) photos here: Flickr Album. Thanks for sharing!


  1. Wow! I do not think of that kind of beauty when I picture the desert. I tell you for sure I do not see any of that through my MH windshield. Thank you for doing the leg work for us. Hike on, be safe. ❤️🙏🏻

  2. So beautiful! You can catalog the photos when you get home. It will give you something to do over the winter months.

  3. Gorgeous. The mix of beauty and prickly...I can relate. Signed ~Thistle


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