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Gear Heads Unite!

An entire room in our house is dedicated to hiking the Continental Divide Trail. We lovingly and with some reverence call it "the hiking room." Imagine a closet neatly organized with clothes, gear, food and supplies. Three six foot tables setup to sort, organize and pack. Walls adorned with maps, my hiking itinerary and resupply plans. I have been meticulously cleaning and repairing my gear and getting everything ready for another long hike. I have purchased five pairs of new trail running shoes and a dozen pairs of socks.

You can check out my gear list here: Go ahead and click on the link. It's totally worth it. I've spent hours categorizing, weighing, uploading pictures, and adding web links...just for you. You'll be sorry if you don't check it out. Your friends will be talking about it tomorrow and you'll feel foolish if you don't know how much my sleeping bag weighs. Go ahead, I'll wait...See, that was totally worth it! Thanks for following along as I prepare to hike the Continental Divide Trail. Feel free to make comments or ask questions below!