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Embrace The Brutality-The Bandana

Why is the unofficial motto of the Continental Divide Trail "Embrace the Brutality?"

Because it is...
Brutally steep,
Brutally flat,
Brutally endless,
Brutally wild,
Brutally wet,
Brutally dry,
Brutally solitary,
Brutally inspiring,
Brutally boring,
Brutally mental,
Brutally physical,
Brutally hot,
Brutally cold.
Every day is extreme in a different way. On the CDT, we embrace these challenges. We make them our own. We EMBRACE THE BRUTALITY!

I will hike with this bandana to remind me this is no picnic but a serious hike. The fact it is bright orange will be helpful as I hike through the wilderness during hunting season. :) HERE are 180 more uses for a case you were wondering.