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I will be sharing images to Flickr, videos on YouTube, audio on SoundCloud, and updating a map on Postholer with my current location whenever I have cell service or wifi. Expect updates about once a week. Below are links to this content! Thank you for following along. Please subscribe to my blog. Comments are appreciated and are an encouragement to me as I hike.

Postholer Map   SoundCloud  
YouTube Flickr

I made it a goal this year to simplify the process of updating my blog and posting new media content while I hike. Those who have followed previous years hike may notice the change, but a successful thru-hike of the CDT will require most of my time, energy and attention. Keep calm and hike on!


  1. Really enjoying the ability to see part of what you see via Flicker. Enjoyed your Mother Day message. This was the first year I have been able to spend with Mom on that day. Godspeed.


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